Assessing Reasoning: Year 6 Exemplars


These exemplar tasks are part of the special topic on “Assessing Mathematical Reasoning”. The exemplars are designed to provoke students’ mathematical reasoning and to assist teachers engage in formative assessment of students’ abilities to analyse, generalise and justify. Each exemplar is aimed at Year 6, with adaptability to other years. Students analyse the task situation, form or test conjectures, and explain their thinking to others. Lesson materials include task information with suggested reasoning prompts and further activities, along with multiple annotated work samples illustrating the assessment rubric. 

Read the Teachers’ Guide (also included in the download) before using these materials.  


Exemplar: Area and Perimeter (Year 6)

In this task, students respond to a conjecture related to a common misconception: that a rectangle with a larger perimeter will always have a larger area. Students will learn that it is sufficient to offer one counter example to refute a conjecture or general statement that makes a claim about all cases.

Exemplar: Painted Cube (Year 6)

The Painted Cube task is rich and complex, providing students with opportunities to explore a variety of patterns that can be described spatially, numerically and symbolically. There are good opportunities for using visualisation. Students learn to work systematically by keeping a clear record of results which will encourage them to develop and test conjectures and to ask themselves questions about further cases.


Last updated December 18 2018.