Woolly Worms

Australian curriculum number (ACMMG006)

Students use direct comparison to order a collection of 'worms' from shortest to longest. They learn to order their collection of worms using a variety of strategies, and to record and talk about their results appropriately. This sequence has been written as an introduction to measurement and so students do not need to have prior experience in making direct and indirect comparisons.

This sequence is for students who:

  • are able to count with one-to-one correspondence to at least 20.


Lesson 1: Five Woolly Worms

Students are provided with a bag of ‘worms’ (i.e. pieces of wool). They use direct comparison to order their worms from shortest to longest, then create another two woolly worms to add to their collection.

Lesson 2: Drawing Worms

Students use chalk to draw three wiggly worms on concrete. They then compare the lengths of the worms using informal units or indirect comparison.


Last updated June 12 2020.