Skip Counting: How Many Birds?

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA012)

This task builds students’ ability to unitise a group using skip counting strategies. Unitising requires students to shift from seeing and counting individual items to recognising and counting groups. For example, when skip counting by 5s, students shift from seeing five individual ones to seeing one group of five.
This sequence is for students who:
  • are beginning to apply skip counting sequences when counting a collection of objects. 
  • have well-developed counting skills with one-to-one correspondence. 
  • can count large collections (greater than 50) by 1s with accuracy and be familiar with reciting skip counting sequences, including 2s and 5s.
  • have an understanding of sharing fairly, and creating and recognising equal groups.


Lesson 1: How Many Birds

Students are presented with a picture of a large number of birds sitting on telegraph wires. They use their own strategies to work out how many birds are in the picture. Students are then encouraged to consider efficient counting strategies and to re-count the collection by grouping birds and using skip counting strategies.


Last updated June 12 2020.