The reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry project

reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry is a national program designed to promote more relevant, rigorous and engaging mathematics from Foundation to Year 10. Resources for classroom use and professional learning are available free to all Australian teachers and are linked through Scootle. More than 300 reSolve Champions across Australia are committed to working with colleagues to promote a spirit of inquiry in school mathematics.

reSolve is managed by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

reSolve aims to:

  1. develop and disseminate a suite of innovative, high quality mathematics teaching and learning resources for Foundation to Year 10 school students, teachers and school leaders, incorporating contemporary mathematics pedagogies that are aimed at transforming the teaching and learning of mathematics; and
  2. ensure widespread awareness and uptake of the resources and associated pedagogical approaches in schools across Australia.

The reSolve Protocol

At the centre of reSolve is the reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry Protocol. The Protocol sets out a vision for teaching and learning mathematics and underpins all aspects of the project. It is organised around three focal points:

  • reSolve mathematics is purposeful
  • reSolve tasks are inclusive and challenging
  • reSolve classrooms have a knowledge-building culture

The reSolve resources

Teaching resources for every level from Foundation to Year 10 provide exemplary lessons that embody a spirit of inquiry and enact the reSolve Protocol. Each classroom resource is linked to content descriptions from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

Special topics include more extended inquiry, often with a STEM focus, and address identified needs or explore new boundaries. The special topics provide imaginative opportunities for creatively using new technologies and real world contexts.

Professional learning modules are designed to support collegial professional learning around key issues and themes in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The professional learning modules elaborate the elements of the Protocol.

The reSolve Champions

A community of more than 300 committed teachers and leaders across the country have undertaken to become reSolve Champions. They will encourage the uptake of the reSolve resources, and will lead professional learning in schools and clusters. The Champions are committed to sustaining the spirit of inquiry and principles of reSolve into the future.

The reSolve team

  • Executive Director Mathematics by Inquiry: Dr Steve Thornton
  • Director of Special Topics: Professor Kaye Stacey
  • Director of Professional Resources: Professor Peter Sullivan
  • Project Director: Dr Tim Sealey
  • Classroom Resource Developer: Kristen Tripet
  • Technical Writers: Ruqiyah Patel, Valerie Barker and Anna Alberti
  • Administration Coordinator: Amy Lee
  • National Manager of Engagement: Matt Skoss

Keep in touch

Read the reSolve newsletter to keep in touch with the program, and join the reSolve community to receive the newsletter on a regular basis (one per school term) and stay updated on new resources and events.

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Funding acknowledgement

reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry is an initiative of, and funded by, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.