Reconciliation Data

Australian curriculum number (ACMSP147; ACMSP148; ACMNA131)

This task interprets data of significance for Australian society, and provides an opportunity to develop and use mathematical skills in a humanities and civics context. Students create and learn to interpret side-by-side column graphs and 100% bar graphs. Students use knowledge of percentage, interpreted informally and also calculated. 

This sequence is for students who:

  • have a good working knowledge of basic column graphs and are ready to learn to represent more complex data sets.
  • can represent fractions as percentages.
  • have sufficient understanding of Australian history and society to fully engage with the issues relating to Reconciliation, including some understanding of how life looks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' perspective.


Lesson 1: Face the Facts

Students are presented with data from the 2016 Australian Reconciliation Barometer. They make interpretive statements about the data, then use the original survey questions to collect data from a local population. They compare their data to the original findings, using a side-by-side column graph.


Last updated October 6 2020.