Geometry: Trapezium Pieces

Australian curriculum number (ACMMG088)

Students learn to classify and name two-dimensional shapes (particularly quadrilaterals) based on their properties.

This task is for students who:

  • are familiar with common two-dimensional shapes.
  • can use the properties of a shape to identify and name quadrilaterals, including special groups of quadrilaterals.
  • are familiar with the specific shape properties of parallel lines, sides of equal length and right angles.
  • can recognise any three-sided polygon as a triangle and any five-sided polygon as a pentagon.


Lesson 1: Trapezium Pieces

Students look at the different shapes that can be formed by cutting a trapezium in two with one straight line. Students are asked to classify and name the shapes that are made, and to justify their classifications based on the definitions and properties of shapes.


Last updated June 15 2020.