Counting Large Collections

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA028)

This task focuses on organising a collection of objects and using skip counting as an efficient way to count. Students then look at unitising 10, that is, seeing 10 ones as 1 ten. This allows students the opportunity to explore the patterns formed and build a deeper understanding of our place-value system.

The task is for students who:

  • have developed an understanding of one-to-one counting skills.
  • can recite numbers to at least 100.
  • have experience using equal groupings and be developing an understanding of unitising groups.

It can be easily adapted for use in earlier or later grades by adjusting the size of numbers in the count. 


Lesson 1: Counting Large Collections

Students count a large collection of Unifix cubes. As they count, students are encouraged to think of efficient counting strategies and effective ways to keep track of their count. This will lead students to thinking about ways in which they can order their count so that the place-value properties can be clearly seen. Using groups of 10, the place-value structure will be evident to students.


Last updated June 12 2020.