The reSolve Champions are volunteers who have a commitment to better mathematics outcomes for their students, and to working with colleagues in and beyond their school in mathematics. They will take the messages and resources of reSolve into the wider mathematics teaching community during and beyond 2018.

They come from a diverse range of geographic locations and levels of schooling, and have a wide variety of special interests.

What the Champions are learning

Each of the over 300 Champions is undertaking a 12-month professional learning program, Leading reSolve, which will equip them with the skills and knowledge to help others engage with the reSolve Protocol, promote a spirit of inquiry in school mathematics and use the range of reSolve resources. Leading reSolve includes:

  • Working through online modules that relate to reSolve Professional Learning Modules;
  • Trialling and giving feedback on classroom resources, special topics and professional learning modules; and
  • Building community through online discussions and participation in face-to-face workshops.

What the Champions will do

Each Champion will develop a personal action plan to guide their work into the future. Their action plans include:

  • Being the face of reSolve in their own school community;
  • Supporting nearby schools or clusters of schools with facilitating professional learning; and
  • Liaising with education authorities and Professional Associations.