Addition: Chess - The Rook

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA053; ACMNA054; ACMNA055)

Students explore the place-value patterns on the number chart as they move along rows and columns. They use place value to aid and model the difference between numbers.

This task is for students who:

  • can count in 10s, on and off the decade.
  • are familiar with different addition and subtraction strategies when working with one- and two-digit numbers.
  • are familiar with the 1-100 number chart and its use as a tool to find and justify patterns, such as place value.


Lesson 1: Number Chart Chess – The Rook

This resource uses the moves of the rook in chess to look at place value and the addition and subtraction of numbers. Students explore the different ways that the rook can move between numbers on a number chart, using the same movements that are possible in chess. This builds an understanding of how the number chart can be used as a tool to aid and model addition and subtraction using 10s and 1s.


Last updated June 14 2020.