Working with Algebra Lesson 1: Like Terms

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA190, ACMNA191, ACMNA192)

Lesson abstract

This resource contains a collection of tasks focussing on like terms. In How Can You Make It? students create a given expression using a range of provided terms and then share their strategies. In Algebra Card Set, students place mathematical operation arrows between expressions to show the relationship between those expressions. In Composite Areas, students determine the area of various composite shapes made of squares and quadrants in terms of given areas.

Mathematical purpose (for students)

Practise operating with like terms in algebraic expressions. 

Mathematical purpose (for teachers)

These tasks can develop fluency with manipulation of like terms. Tasks should be attempted by students with minimal introduction to encourage deep reasoning and communication. Students will discover that multiple expressions and equations can describe the same relationship. Teachers can create tasks using algebraic expressions with any desired complexity, and students can vary the level of complexity in their solutions.