Place Value: Cartoon Counting

Australian curriculum number (ACMNA073)

Students explore grouping by 8s to create a place-value system based on 8. They explore the similarities and differences between base 8 and base 10.

This sequence is for students who:

  • have a developing understanding of the ways in which our number system is built around the number 10. 
  • can unitise groups to make tens, hundreds, thousands and beyond.
  • can partition numbers into their place-value parts.
  • recognise that the value of a digit is determined by its place in a number.


Lesson 1: Cartoon Counting

Students consider what counting would be like for cartoon characters, who generally have only eight fingers. Our number system uses 10 as its base, as we have 10 fingers. Students are asked to think about the ways in which numbers might be grouped using a base of 8 and so reinvent base-8 numbers.


Last updated June 14 2020.