Making Decisions with Data Lesson 3: What's the best?

Australian curriculum number (ACMSP118, ACMSP119, ACMSP120)

Lesson abstract

Students use their knowledge of data collection and representations to conduct their own inquiry. The lesson commences with a review of the elements that make a good graph and how to choose an appropriate representation of data. Students then choose an area in which to investigate “What’s the best?”, and must also decide on criteria for “best”. The lesson concludes with students presenting and justifying their findings.

Mathematical purpose (for students)

To collect data and analyse it to make choices and decisions.

To represent data using a graph.

Mathematical purpose (for teachers)

This lesson provides an opportunity for students to use all their skills of investigation to conduct an inquiry of their own choice.

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Pose questions that require data to be answered.
  • Collect and represent data.
  • Analyse data to answer a question or make a decision.